4-Person Essential Earthquake Kit


Cover your bases with this robust kit filled with the critical tools and safety supplies to stay warm, safe and healthy for the first 2 weeks after an earthquake. Kit highlights include: water storage (1 gallon per person per day), emergency food, personal protective gear, hand-cranked radio with weather band + cell charger, first-aid & hygiene supplies, emergency toilet system and planning blueprint. See full contents and chart below.   Choose your food:Choose Ready-to-eat Emergency Food Bars with a 5-year shelf life or upgrade to ReadyWise 60-Serving Entrees with a 25-year shelf life ($125 per person). Both options provide baseline nutrition of approximately 1,000 calories per day. Remember, chances are you’ll have access to your pantry to supplement, but it’s critical to have food at the ready in case you don’t.  


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Kit Contents

*Per Person




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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
I’m grateful for this great kit and service!

I’ve put this off far too long, and am so thankful that Cascadia Quake Kits made it easy to gather what will keep our family safe in an emergency. This winter’s storms were a wake-up call that we shouldn’t put it off any longer. great product and service. Thank you!

Very happy with the kit and Marilyn is great!

I had been meaning to assemble an earthquake kit since moving to Portland two years ago, but I was overwhelmed and didn't really know what I needed. I finally settled on buying a Cascadia Quake kit because I knew it would help me completely cover all my bases. I am so glad I did! I feel confident that I'm fully prepared and the kit is well-contained and easy to store. Marilyn also could not have been nicer and she was very flexible for local delivery. Thanks!

Taking that next step in your earthquake prep

Properly preparing my family for the next big Cascadia quake has been weighing on my mind for years. So glad I finally took the plunge and invested in this robust 2-week kit. Considering what you get and the quality of items, the cost is more than fair -- and the peace of mind is priceless. Marilyn was awesome in going over everything that comes with the kit and providing guidance on storage. Thank you Cascadia Quake Kits!

Prepping for the Big One Cascadia Quake Kit Style

Just received my Cascadia Quake Kits order and am so excited to be better prepared for whatever may come our way. After spending the past few years trying to create my own kits (I got stuck trying to figure out the food I needed) I found Cascade Quake Kits and my problems were solved. I purchased car kits for everyone in my family and Essential Kits for me and my adult children. At the moment I am waiting for the Pet Kit to be available so our pet can be prepared as well. Thanks Cascadia Quake Kits for setting our minds at ease, at least in regards to potential earthquake.

Wonderful experience and great kit

The process of researching and assembling a kit was made much easier and more enjoyable working with Marilyn. She tailored the kit to our needs and was prompt, helpful and knowledgeable in her work. Would highly recommend purchasing a Cascadia Quake Kit to prepare and support a good business. Thank you Marilyn, we feel great about our kit and really appreciate your work.

I feel prepared!

It is such a weight off of my shoulders to have my disaster kit. There was no way I could have put together such a high quality, comprehensive kit. Thank you for encouraging everyone to be prepared! And it was so nice to meet you in person and look over everything and answer any questions we had.

Don't procrastinate anymore- buy it now!

I have procrastinated for years on getting my earthquake preparedness together. I have finally done it and Marilyn and her kits made it easy. The quality of the kit is great and all of the paperwork/organization tips are thorough. Marilyn is wonderfully helpful and encouraging. I highly encourage you to purchase one the kits.

Cascadia quake kit

Linda and I purchased a 2 person and a 1 person kit last week from Marilyn at Cascadia Quake Kit. They have everything and more than we could ever think of on our own. The list is complete and impressive. We’re purchasing another emergency car kit for our daughter. Marilyn uses only the highest quality of materials. We highly recommend her kits.

Peace of Mind

Putting together an earthquake kit has been on my to do list for the last 10+ years but I never got around to it. Once I heard of Marilyn's company, I knew that this was the solution. I'm so impressed with the quality and the thought that went into putting this kit together. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you!

Feeling confident and prepared now!

Thanks for providing such a quality and thoughtful kit!

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