About Us

Marilyn Bishop
Founder, Cascadia Quake Kits

After college, I was fortunate enough to spend nearly a decade Instructing Outward Bound Courses in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. For me, adventure is one of the most powerful avenues for promoting self-reliance. After my years in the mountains, I settled in Portland and received a Master of Social Work from Portland State University. As a social worker, I know that preparedness is really a community effort and I take pride in the role Cascadia Quake Kits plays in supporting the resilience of Pacific Northwest communities. Together we will weather a major earthquake best by being both self-reliant and through reaching out to our neighbors. I am a Portland Neighborhood Emergency Team member and live in NE Portland with my husband and 2 kids.

My preparedness story

I’ve experienced first-hand how overwhelming preparing for “The Big One” can be. I initially heard about the impending Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake nearly 20 years ago. My ears perked up and I thought, “I really need to prepare.” After that, when I came across articles about Cascadia or would hear of large earthquakes in the news I thought, “I really need to prepare.” But I didn’t.

After the devastating Sumatra earthquake and tsunami in 2004, I was determined to take action. I sat at the kitchen table with a stack of preparedness lists. Each one was different, talk about confusing! Preparing seemed like a job in and of itself. I did stow away some water, food and a few supplies, but the combination of not knowing which list to follow, and my busy life stalled me out. The nagging stress caused by not having my family prepared hung over me like a dark cloud.

The years rolled by and news stories about the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake became more frequent. The preparedness recommendation that started as 3 days turned into 1 week and then 2 weeks. What was already an immense task felt even bigger.

Searching online revealed that there were no 2-week kits available. Plus, the kits I did see were filled with low-quality items. Researching and buying every piece separately turned out to be an incredibly time-consuming process. I wasn’t the only one experiencing this problem. Many of my friends and neighbors told me that they wanted to prepare but they felt overwhelmed by the process, so they did nothing. It just sat on their to-do lists.

Cascadia Quake Kits

People clearly needed an easy solution. We are proud to be the only company that offers 2-week earthquake kits that meet the recommendations of Oregon Office of Emergency Management and American Red Cross, Cascades Region. We give back to the community by donating a portion of revenue from every kit sold to local earthquake preparedness initiatives.

Over and over our customers tell us about the sense of relief and satisfaction they feel when their supplies and family emergency plan are finally in order. We would love to help you prepare, too.