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Two-Week Earthquake Kits Built for You

The only kits that meet the recommendations set by Oregon Office of Emergency Management and American Red Cross Cascades Region.

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We donate a portion of every sale to local preparedness initiatives.

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Thinking about preparing for the earthquake was overwhelming. I knew I wanted to be prepared, but didn’t have the time or knowledge to prepare on my own. My wife and I work long hours and we prefer to spend our time off doing fun things with our toddler rather than researching and shopping for supplies. The process was easy and I was surprised at how quickly the kits arrived at our doorstep. We now have peace of mind.

Chad J., Eugene, OR (2-P Comprehensive Home Kit, Comprehensive Get-Home Pack)

We've received the kits and absolutely love them. Very high-quality products put together in an organized fashion. My wife and I like the kits so much that we're putting up a Facebook post to share with our friends who live in the Pacific Northwest. 

Abhishek, K., Seattle (2-P Comprehensive Home Kit, 2 Essential Get-Home Packs)

This kit is worth every cent given the time and hassle I saved from trying to do it on my own. Thank you so much! I feel a sigh of relief being able to check this one off the list.

Stefanie W., Portland (3-P Comprehensive Home Kit)

We've been nervous about 'The Big One' for a long time. But where do you start? So, we purchased a 2-week kit from Cascadia Quake Kits…we're still nervous about the earthquake, but now we're prepared. Whatever happens, we're equipped not just to survive, but to be well during a crisis.

Travis and Erika, Seattle (4-P Comprehensive Home Kit)

This is the answer to human procrastination!

Anne M., Portland (2-P Comprehensive Home Kit)

I just bought a two-person earthquake kit for my daughter and myself. It was a painless process and has given me such peace of mind.

Lori P., Canby (2-P Comprehensive Home Kit, Essential Get-Home Pack)

We were not prepared prior to finding out about Cascadia Quake Kits. We had a brochure from the Red Cross listing out the items that we needed to have in our possession — but there was never enough time to put together the kit. My husband was excited when he heard about Cascadia Quake Kits and the amount of research that went into creating them. The size was manageable and the thoughtfulness with the packing was creative as virtually everything fit into one large container. Our family feels less stressed and more prepared. The process also made our family have the conversation about the steps we would take if we are not together when the quake happens, who to call, etc. We definitely feel more prepared!

Lois, M., Portland (4-P Comprehensive Home Kit)

You have the best kit on the market.

Hilary D., Portland

What a relief it is to know that I am equipped with a trunk locker full of so many survival essentials...hoping that I'll never, ever have to open the lid (except to exchange the perishables, in a few years, of course!!!)!


Lawrence, F., Gresham, OR (2-P Comprehensive Home Kit)